Training Events

Whether you're in advanced markets, family markets or just searching for more product information, we have webinars and seminars to give your sales a boost. 

Smart Money - Specific to North American we can show you how to help your clients with the money that they have "sitting on the sidelines" that they intend to leave to their heirs but still want access to the money. This Smart Money concept will increase the amount your clients leave to their heirs but still give them the access to their money in the event they need it.

RMD Maximization - People across the country are being forced to take their RMDs and social security but are unaware of the impact those will have on their taxes and the amount of money they can leave behind. You can learn how to show your clients how to leverage their hard-earned money and maximise what they leave after they are gone.

Business Continuation & Exit Strategy - Many small business owners are hoping to sell their small business at some point but have no idea how to plan for that. We can show you how using a permanent life insurance policy can keep the business going without the owner or when the owner sells the business, how to use the proceeds to maximize their retirement all while protecting principle and earning interest.

$1 An Hour - We can show you how to turn $1 at a time into large commissions! It is all about how you demonstrate the value that you can bring to your clients and this is one of the easiest ways to get clients to ask you if they can do more than just $1. Click here to listen to this webinar.

Tax-Free Retirement - Why would clients contribute to plans that have contribution limitations, tax the income, tax what is left to beneficiaries, and risk their money? Because they don't  know any better. You can show your clients how they can retire tax-free, retire when they want without having to worry about market timing, and pass everything along tax-free.